Is Rihanna Pregnant From ASAP Rocky? These Clues Sparked The Rumors


Rihanna could have her first baby with the rapper. In social networks, some rumors have emerged that Rihanna would be pregnant with A$AP Rocky and would have her first baby.

After many months full of speculation about their relationship, it was finally confirmed last May that the singer and the rapper are together. Now they are about to take a big leap in their romance?

Clues that suggest Rihanna is pregnant

It all started when the singer performed in her native Barbados where she was named a “national heroine” . There she was shown with a tight ocher dress, the same in which her belly was seen, which has led many to assure that she is pregnant.

Many present media and Internet users point out that it could be a pregnancy of around three months, they also assured that Rihanna was trying to hide her rounded belly by placing her hands clasped on it.

Until now there is no official confirmation and it is all about rumors from these little clues, however, her fans dream of being able to meet a baby of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.