Is Project L a free game?


Since the upcoming Project L game received an update on August 1, many wondered if it would be free. Project L is the working title of the two—dimensional fighting game League of Legends, which was first announced at the end of 2019. Although the release date has not been disclosed yet, fans are patiently waiting for more information about the gameplay, characters and cost. Project L.

The L project is being developed by Riot Games and follows the trends of popular platform action movies such as MultiVersus from Warner Bros. Games that can take over Smash Bros. Crown, despite the fact that it is still in the open beta testing stage. Given the revival of fighting games this year and the expectations associated with the final release of Project L, its launch will undoubtedly be extremely popular among both League of Legends players and newcomers.

According to the latest update, Project L will be free. It has been rumored that the game is free since its initial announcement, as other Riot Games such as League of Legends and Valorant are also free. However, even though it hasn’t been confirmed whether the game will include in-game currency or microtransactions, fans can probably expect Project L to be monetized, given that Valorant, League of Legends (which raised coin prices this year) and the upcoming Multiverse fighting game offer additional customization options. additional characters and skins that are only available through microtransactions as part of the gameplay.

Project L will present the strongest fighters of League Of Legends

Along with the news that the game will be free, Riot Games also announced that Priestess Ilaoi will join the expanding list of Project L fighters, which currently includes only five other characters: Jinx, Ekko, Darius, Ari and Katarina. . Ilaoi is described in the blog of the Riot Games development team as a giant kraken and a spiritual leader who can fight other characters with ghostly tentacles. Given the breadth and variety of champions constantly being added to the League of Legends universe, the gameplay of Project L will undoubtedly offer a variety of dynamic combat builds and combat styles.

As the annual Evolution Championship Series 2022 fighting game tournament is set to begin on August 5, Riot Games may reveal more information about Project L in the coming weeks. Since it is confirmed that many of the main combat mechanics are fully developed, it seems that Riot Games will now focus on increasing the list of League of Legends characters and developing gameplay and system mechanics. Therefore, fans can hope to see constant updates to the characters and gameplay of Project L in the near future, and the final release will take place in 2023.


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