Is “Plumber’s Crack” a New Joke? Kendall Jenner Seems to Want to Prove It in a New Ad Campaign


Without a doubt, the Kardashians are passionate about fashion, they are not afraid to make bold choices and become trendsetters. However, with Kendall Jenner’s latest style choice, I’m wondering: is the plumbing crack the new lower chest? Is it fashion? Are we doing this now? On the other hand, I also find myself cautiously admiring the model’s confidence in the correctness of the choice. Overall, I’m baffled by the decision to include cleavage in this shoot, but no matter how I feel, we can all agree that this is an objectively bold statement.

For context: Kendall Jenner is partnering with FWRD (opens in new tab), an e-commerce brand that sells products from an “elusive list of designers,” as their website says. Kendall Jenner has been working with the company for several seasons. This spring, she curated a selection of designer items for the brand and held a photo shoot with her. Part of this photo shoot with Yulia Gorbachenko was associated with the Kardashian star, who was wearing jeans with a low waist and no top, hence the plumbing crack. You can view the image that Gorbachenko posted on his Instagram here:

As you can see, the visible crack is a bit surprising. The disturbing photos show Jenner hunched over, holding her breasts, but exposing her breasts. Other photos show her moving her arms and turning, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the crack. Although I would be lying if I said I like this image, I have to respect the confidence of a reality TV star in filming.

Given the Kardashian family’s track record in wild fashion choices, on reflection, I’m not so shocked that Jenner confidently rocked her cleavage. For example, Jenner’s older sister Kim Kardashian sells a micro bikini in SKIMS, and people used tortilla chips to demonstrate how tiny it is. She also made a splash with her swimming gloves and other fashion solutions, and that’s just Kim. This family is a squad of trendsetters. Year after year, their fashion is watched and praised, and many of the Kardashian siblings (including Kendall Jenner) were among the 20 most fashionable celebrities of 2022.

We have been going through a lot of amazing and stunning fashion trends lately. From Florence Pugh freeing her nipple in her bright pink transparent Valentino dress, to Hunter Schafer getting rid of the top and wearing only one feather, we’ve seen a lot of shocking style options, and I like it. Watching these women make bold decisions and change the fashion game is very exciting, and it’s funny to never know what you’ll see next time one of these celebrities walks the red carpet or poses for a new fashion show.

In general, I think the same can be said about Kendall Jenner and this FWRD shoot. While I don’t necessarily want a plumbing crack or cleavage to become a new trend, I admire the confidence and commitment of a model to make bold fashion decisions. Moving forward, I’ll be curious to see if crack plumbing becomes a new trend, like breasts. I’m also interested to see if her latest FWRD shoot will appear in the next season of The Kardashians when she returns to the 2023 TV program so that we can hear the backstory of the decision to show cleavage.


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