Is Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam’s relationship in danger?


Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam form an adorable couple in Record Of Youth, a drama currently airing on Netflix. With the arrival of chapter 11 of the Korean series, Hye Jun and Jeong Ha’s relationship seems to be on the verge of going through a crisis. Are you about to separate them?

Record Of Youth is TVN’s new k-drama that is also available through Netflix and that has attracted attention not only for having a cast full of talented actors such as Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byeon Woo Seok, Kwon Soo Hyun and Park Seo Joon; It also has an interesting plot that tells the life of Hye Jun, a young model from a family that does not have much money, who goes through a series of obstacles and life lessons to fulfill his dream of becoming a drama actor, also finding the right love on the road to success.

Throughout these 11 chapters we have suffered and smiled alongside Hye Jun, who finally seems to be at the peak of success after starting his acting career, with the support of his girlfriend Jeong Ha, his best friends and, slowly, also from his family.

Jeong Ha and Hye Jun’s love flowed naturally, Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam have shown us the beautiful side of a healthy relationship, where both are able to respect each other’s space, trust their partner and do not hesitate to Support each other even when life seems to get tough. However, everything could be about to take an unexpected turn.



With Hye Jun’s professional career on the rise, it was to be expected that various obstacles would start to appear in his way. The young model always had to deal with comments from his competition and his own family discouraging him and trying to lead him to leave his dreams to fulfill his military service. Despite the fact that he now has the support of his family, the Record Of Youth protagonist receives new attacks from the press and old loves that return to his life. Ouch!

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Everything takes a dramatic turn when Charlie Jung’s death is revealed amid false rumors about his alleged relationship with Hye Jun, which were spread by his former manager and a malicious reporter.

As the Jjamppong Entertainment star actor and his team search for the best way to clear his name, Jeong Ha faces his own battles as he begins a new phase in his life with the opening of his beauty salon, where he has yet to have as many clients as I expected.

Jeong Ha’s new challenges and the distance that begins to show in his relationship with Hye Jun have made him closer to Hae Hyo, who continues to hide his true feelings for his best friend’s girlfriend. Still, that didn’t stop us from seeing a romantic rapprochement between the lovers in Record Of Youth episode 11. Aww!

Although the world seems to be falling on Park Bo Gum, he wants to keep Park So Dam out of trouble, however, she does not hesitate for a second to help her boyfriend and is willing to do anything to help them. rumors of his homosexuality stop; even if that means making public the courtship that until now they had kept away from the spotlight.

Just when Jeong Ha seems to have made the decision to talk about his relationship with superstar Hye Jun, everything could indicate that Hae Hyo and his friend’s ex-girlfriend have other plans. Will this affect the relationship of the makeup artist and the actor?

Memories of Youth is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday through Netflix, where you can find a new episode even more exciting than the previous one. Chapter 12 of the Korean drama is about to premiere, are you ready to meet the fate of Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam?

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