Is Milo Ventimiglia in a secret relationship with an actress?


Do you want to know if Milo Ventimiglia is secretly in a relationship with an actress from the series Orange Is the New Black? Here is what it really is.

During an interview, Milo Ventimiglia revealed that he was disgusted to have dated some of his series co-stars. The reason ? The actor cannot stand the constant attention brought to him by his romantic relationships. In other words, he hates that his romances are in the spotlight, scrutinized and commented on. From then on, the actor decided to be more discreet. So much so that everyone wonders about their love life. Is the hero of This Is Us secretly in a relationship? Rumors suggest he may be dating Diane Guerrero, known for starring in Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin. But what is it really? Here is what we know.


Speculation around Milo Ventimiglia and Diane Guerrero began in October 2019 when they were seen very complicit during an outing, to see HERE. At the time, the two stars of the small screen had lunch together at Escuela Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant in Beverly Hills, before going for an ice cream. Very tactile with the young woman, the actor quickly sowed doubt on the nature of their relationship. But Entertainment Tonight has put things right. According to their exclusive information, the two actors are actually just friends. Case concluded therefore. And for more news, find out who the stars of This Is Us are in real life.


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