Is Mi Band 4 waterproof? understand its protection


The Mi Band 4 is a fitness bracelet from Xiaomi that is known for its value for money. Launching in Brazil in October 2019, it brings water resistance as a positive aspect, a feature that was already offered in Mi Band 3. However, many users may wonder how far the possibility of immersing the product in liquids goes. .

The industry abandoned the “waterproof” terminology in the communication of new products that present some type of protection against liquids. Instead, cell phones and other electronics with this feature adopt the term “resistant”. There is no change in practice, but the consumer must pay attention to the specifications, since the levels of protection change depending on the device.

In the case of Mi Band 4, Xiaomi uses a different resistance measure than smartphones. While phones adopt different levels of certification, such as IP67 and IP68, the Chinese bracelet adopts ATM.

It is a pressure measurement unit that uses the water column as a reference point. According to the manufacturer, the Mi Band 4 has a resistance of 5 ATM ensured by the GB / T 30106-2013 standard. In practice, it means that the device can be safely immersed to a depth of up to 50 meters.

The company does not detail the time limit in which the bracelet can withstand immersion. However, it guarantees that the specification is sufficient to monitor swimming, an activity whose movements exert strong water pressure on the device. In addition, wearing the bracelet in the bath should also be no problem.

In addition to swimming, the Mi Band 4 can be used to monitor the user when using the treadmill, running outdoors, walking, lifting weights and cycling. The bracelet also counts steps and distance, in addition to informing estimated loss of calories after an exercise session. The device also uses sensors to measure heart rate and sleep quality.


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