Is Macron a K pop Fan? The President Photographs BLACKPINK


Emmanuel Macron would be a fan of Kpop and it is BLACKPINK!

On Tuesday, January 24, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron attended the preparations for an exclusive concert at the Zénith de Paris, organized in honor of the 34th operation “Yellow Pieces”.

The presidential couple were surrounded by several pink lightsticks from fans who filled the room to see the female K-pop group BLACKPINK.

Emmanuel and Brigitte, who vibrated with the music, then dined with the quartet in Paris.

The First Lady of France was also photographed with young singers next to the famous violinist Daniel Lozakovich.

On January 25, a gala concert was recorded at Zénith de Paris for the 34th edition of Operation Yellow Shards. Bridget is a sponsor of a charity event.

In addition to BLACKPINK, it was attended by many French-speaking artists such as Vianni, Pascal Obispo or even Mika, as well as international stars such as Pharrell Williams.

Behind the scenes of Zénith de Paris, Emmanuel Macron was seen photographing BLACKPINK and Pharrell members.

We can assume that Macron is now a full-time BLINK!

Emmanuel also tweeted a photo of his meeting with Pharrell Williams at the Elysee Palace.

On the other hand, Brigitte Macron attended the SoundCheck BLACKPINK concert in Paris!

The Yellow Pieces Gala concert will be broadcast on France 2 on Saturday, January 28, in prime time at 21:10 Paris time. Don’t miss anything! Subscribe to us!


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