Is Kang the Conqueror a villain in Avengers: Secret Wars?


Marvel’s plan for phase six suggests that Kang the Conqueror will become a villain in Avengers: Secret Wars. If true, Jonathan Majors’ character in the MCU could be the main antagonist of three MCU films, not to mention what happens with the Loki show on Disney+.

When it first became known that the time-traveling Avengers villain would fight Scott and Hope in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, there were concerns that Marvel wasn’t going to use the character to its full potential. After all, Kang has a reputation as one of the Avengers’ greatest villains, and is usually the one they have to defeat together. After Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, it became clear that Marvel would really try to get the most out of the character. After battling Ant-Man in phase five, he will return to threaten the next line-up of Earth’s most powerful heroes in Avengers: Kang Dynasty.

Interestingly, Marvel will follow Kang’s “The Avengers” movie with “The Avengers: Secret Wars”. And surprisingly, the two films will be released just a few months apart, which is a sign that, as in the case of “Infinity War” and “Finale,” both films will be shot one after the other. Partly for this reason, it is now assumed that Kang the Conqueror will copy Thanos, fighting the Avengers in both films. But it’s not yet known if this is really the plan for a Major character in the MCU.

Who is the Secret Wars villain in Marvel comics?

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars is a 12—issue mini-series in which a mix of Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and other heroes were called upon to battle their biggest villains. Among the many enemies they had to face in the mini-series were Kang the Conqueror, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Magneto and Ultron. The cosmic entity known as the Otherworldly was the character who created their predicament, but he was not the main antagonist of the story. This role eventually went to Dr. Doom, who took advantage of the situation he found himself in and used it to steal the power of the Otherworldly. Defeating Doctor Doom was the last challenge that the heroes had to overcome in the Secret Wars comic.

Will Kang be a villain in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Since Kang is positioned as the main villain of the MCU Multiverse saga, it would be logical if the Avengers had to fight him in the last part of the saga. Moving in this direction, Marvel can allow “Avengers: Secret Wars” to be the perfect culmination of the events that unfold from the first season of “Loki”. to be unbranded at all for Marvel to do a twist and have someone else fulfill that role. Since Kang has already been a villain in two big-screen movies, Marvel may instead let Dr. Doom be the center of attention. Perhaps Kang will be defeated only for the MCU’s Doctor Doom to rise up and fight them instead.

Other villains who may be in “Avengers: Secret Wars”

The Avengers: Secret Wars comic tie-in promises the biggest gathering of villains the MCU has ever seen. The film, of course, may be a separate story, but the fact that “Avengers 6” shares its name with a comic event indicates that it will be borrowed from its main premise, namely the plot of the comic “heroes vs. villains”. If true, Secret Wars could include a huge number of existing MCU villains from both the past and the present.

Whether he is a real antagonist or not, Doctor Doom has a good chance of appearing in Secret Wars, especially since The Fantastic Four will precede the film. Dr. Doom and Kang may be joined by other MCU villains, such as Titania from She-Hulk, who was in the original comic. And if Spider-Man is involved, then characters from the gallery of his scammers may also appear. If “Secret Wars” is indeed a multiverse, then Marvel has few restrictions on who it can pit the team against in the movie. Even villains from the past, such as Ultron and the Red Skull, can be on the table.

As for the Otherworldly, it’s hard to say whether Marvel will use him as the driving force of the story or replace him with another character. In any case, changes in the comics seem inevitable. In the comics, he exists as the personification of the Cosmic Cube (the Space Stone), but the destruction of the Space Stone in the Finale means that the MCU Phase 6 will have to rewrite his origin in order for his character to work. If not, Marvel might skip Beyonder altogether and create a whole new story for Avengers: Secret Wars.


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