Is Jungkook preparing the premiere of his mixtape?


The minor member of BTS could surprise ARMY with the release of his first solo album very soon.

A new track from Jungkook’s mixtape emerged, does the BTS idol plan to release his first solo album in the next few months? We will tell you all the details below.

A long time ago, Jungkook announced that he would work on a mixtape with unreleased songs that would have his authorship and production, due to promotions and other projects with BTS , the premiere was delayed.

The minor member of the K-pop band mentioned the previews and details of the album, revealed that he was not fully satisfied with the result of the songs, so he would try to try harder.

A few days ago, Jungkook’s and V’s individual Apple Music accounts changed, Taehyung’s description was edited with more information, and Golden Maknae modified his profile photo.

ARMY began to spin the evidence and through social networks discussed the possibility of the debut of Jungkook and V as a subunit , some thought they would be releasing a duet and even a collaboration. Fans of the band noticed a new track from Jungkook’s mixtape , will he release new music in the coming months?


In Apple Music Jungkook’s artist description was modified, they cataloged him as a singer and lyricist, better known for being one of the members of the K-pop boy band BTS , they added some songs produced by him.

In addition, the text highlighted Jungkook’s musical influences such as G-Dragon, a member of the famous group BIGBANG, Justin Timberlake and Usher, and they also specified his preparation as a dancer in the city of Los Angeles in California.

This alarmed ARMY , netizens confessed their excitement for the update, it could be brought from an important track for training . So far the date has not been confirmed, nor the content of the mixtape , but fans will wait patiently for the project.

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