Is Jimin married? This woman wants to be his wife


Jimin became the perfect candidate to be the husband of many fans. Jimin’s charm is undeniable, this idol has conquered hearts around the world and no matter who it is. With his vocal skills, his unique expression through dance and his funny personality, there is no one who can resist the attractiveness of this boy.

We have seen BTS conquer fans, music stars, and now entrepreneurs, WHAT? Victoria Annunziato is an influencer born in the United States, who has also tried her luck in the business world by launching her brand under the name Vendetta, but she also fell for the charms of Jimin and BTS.

Victoria posted on her TikTok account a video where she is focused looking at her computer screen and starts talking to the camera.

The girl says that she met her husband, but quickly corrects herself and says that, rather, she found him. She points out that she met him in 2014, but it is already 2020 and, so she decides to show it to the public.

In the next part of her TikTok she shows us a video edition with some of Jimin’s best moments on stage, explaining how it has been shot by the idol.


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