Is Jessica Thivenin at war with Laura Lempika?


Initially angry with Manon Marsault, it makes you wonder if Laura Lempika does not also want Jessica Thivenin.

Internet users are wondering if Jessica Thivenin is on bad terms with Laura Lempika. We now have the answer.

Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika are best friends. It therefore seems entirely possible that the latter takes part in the clash between his girlfriend and Jessica Thivenin.

Indeed, remember, Tiago and Angelina’s mom resents Maylone’s mom for spending a drunken evening with her husband, Julien Tanti. And this, especially since the latter was not in great shape!

One thing leading to another, Jessica Thivenin allegedly filmed him on social media, while he was drunk. At the moment, these are just rumors. Indeed, Manon Marsault has never confirmed anything. As for Julien Tanti, he would have simply declared that the pretty blonde was “not a real friend”, without giving more details.


During a series of questions and answers as is often done on Instagram, Nikola Lozina’s sweetheart was able to give her opinion on Jessica Thivenin.

So, one of the netizens asked her to describe the reality TV contestant: “Jess in one word?”. To which the young woman replied “The piquette”, followed by a red heart emoji. Of course, she did not fail to identify him right after!

If we are to believe this little nickname, Laura Lempika seems to be making a difference. So that’s good news for fans of the W9 program!

Indeed, she does not seem at all angry with Jessica Thivenin. It seems that the birth of her little Zlatan made her see life differently. All our best wishes to the young woman!

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