Is it you, Krillin? They reveal what the Dragon Ball characters would look like in real life


A source of inspiration for many artists
Being one of the most popular anime in history, it is quite common that we find a lot of art inspired by Dragon Ball. From cosplays, painting and even cumbias, it seems that the creation of Akira Toriyama has gone through all the arts and news about her continues to come out.


Although sometimes artists go over creative, like when they give us combinations of Dragon Ball with Chavo del 8, sometimes they give us quite interesting things. As was the case with a DeviantArt artist who decided to imagine his characters as real people.

Dragon Ball characters in the real world

Artist HelvecioBNF set about creating realistic versions of various Dragon Ball characters. This was achieved thanks to a tool called Artbreeder, with which you can combine a couple of images to create a totally new one with elements of both.

Although he does not say so, surely the artist started looking for faces of real people and combined them with those of the anime characters to give us these versions. Although some are not as we imagine them, the truth is that, in general, it is a very good work on the part of its creator.

In his work we can see almost all the main characters of Dragon Ball, but curiously, he avoided the villains, perhaps he did not want to give us nightmares. Perhaps the artist wanted to respect the fact that it is a Japanese work, since several of the characters, such as Yamcha and Goku, have an Asian appearance.

Those who undoubtedly stand out the most are Krillin, due to the fact that he does not have a nose, and Nappa, who bears a striking resemblance to actor Dwayne Johnson. Maybe if someone dares to make another Dragon Ball live action movie, they should see HelvecioBNF’s work for inspiration when casting.


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