Is it worth investing in an i5 notebook now?


When deciding which notebook to buy, several factors must weigh during the research, especially taking into account the rapid evolution of the devices and the news that several brands launch.

Currently, the rise in the dollar hurts the most demanding consumer a lot, but few know that previous models of processors, like the i5, perform several tasks in secondary equipment perfectly and can result in an excellent purchase if analyzed carefully.

Is it worth investing in an i5 notebook?

The Intel Core i5 is a line of processors aimed at the intermediate segment of computers and notebooks. Being able to satisfy the less demanding gamer audience, the device is capable of running lighter games without crashing, especially if combined with a RAM memory dedicated to multiprocessing.

In addition, for those who use equipment to work and perform tasks with less heavy software, the i5 provides enough, without slowness or impact on the performance of actions, even if it is not a recent notebook.

To help you decide which notebook to buy and the best i5 devices in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance, we have separated some suggestions that will certainly weigh less in your pocket, especially since they include several interesting features that can turn your i5 into a real machine.

Dell Inspiron 3000 Notebook, Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM and 1TB HD, Linux

The Acer Aspire 3 is an ally to help in the productivity and execution of everyday processes. The Acer i5 notebook has a 6th generation processor that is ideal for those who spend hours in front of equipment, with a 7-hour battery life on just one charge.

Its 15.6 “HD resolution screen combined with anti-reflective Acer ComfyView ™ technology and optimized visual comfort brings great quality to users. With many possibilities for expansion and customization ranging from 4 GB RAM to 1 TB HD , in addition to a free 512GB SSD slot, the Acer laptop is an excellent alternative with older processors.


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