Is It Worth Buying SSD At Bargain AliExpress?


The AliExpress website is very popular among Brazilians. By offering a wide range of products, good payment terms, many products with free shipping and options that do not exist in Brazil or are not so accessible, AliExpress ends up being a sure-fire source for those used to shopping online.

In addition to having a huge variety of products, of virtually any category, AliExpress adopts security measures to prevent fraud.

And in case there is any problem in the transaction, the site is also responsible for returning the customer’s money in the same way as in national online stores.

For this article, we’re going to talk about a very popular product among our readers, the SSD. On the AliExpress website, it is possible to find several models, but you need to pay attention when buying. Check out some tips we’ve prepared:

Is it worth buying an SSD on AliExpress?

SSDs are examples of products that we find quite easily on AliExpress. These storage devices are much faster than common hard drives, and therefore are extremely suitable for installing the operating system and programs, as well as storing games that have very heavy maps.

On older PCs, installing an SSD can revitalize the device, leaving it faster than when it left the store. Therefore, exchanging HD for SSD is an excellent way to increase the performance or useful life of the machine.

As with any purchase, you should be careful when choosing an SSD from a marketplace. As a starting point, you should prioritize trusted brands such as Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk and Lenovo. In addition to these, there are also Chinese brands that are very popular on sites such as AliExpress, such as Kingspec and Hikvision.

Another tip that is often effective in determining whether a product is worth it is to look at the reviews of other customers, both the star rating and the written review. In this way, it is possible to identify characteristics that can influence your decision.

About the basic attributes that differentiate SSDs, we mention: the size (in GB), the speed (in MB/s) and the format of the drive (SATA or M.2). SATA drives have good speed and are compatible with any PC or notebook.

Now that you know that having an SSD in your PC is essential for the performance of the equipment and that it is super safe to buy on AliExpress, it’s time to meet some outstanding models for sale on the site.

1. SSD Kingspec 2.5″ Sata 3 – 120 GB in A batch
2. SSD Kingston A400 2.5″ Sata 3 – 120 GB in A batch
3. SSD Lexar 2.5″ Sata 3 – 128GB at A batch