Is It Worth Buying a 4K Smart TV?


Smart TV: Over the years, TV technology has evolved a lot. Today we have smart TV options, with higher image quality, advanced sound quality, integration with other devices and a more modern, slim and practical design.

One of the main features that make any display even more advanced is its resolution. We evolved from low proportions to HD, Full HD and finally we are at the level of 4K resolution. But what does it mean? And is it worth investing in a TV with this feature?

What is the technology of a 4K image

Among the many factors that contribute to the quality of an image on television and other screens, one of the main ones is the quantity of pixels. The pixel is nothing more than those little light-emitting dots that build the image on a display. When we talk about resolution, we are referring to the horizontal and vertical pixel ratio of a screen.

Full HD resolution, for example, has 1920 columns by 1080 rows of pixels. This totals 2,073,600 pixels. The 4K resolution (also known as Ultra High Definition, or UHD) has an aspect ratio of 3840×2160, totaling 8,294,400 pixels.

It is precisely this difference that makes a 4K TV have more quality, sharpness and brightness than a TV with Full HD resolution, for example. A similar principle is behind the number of megapixels in cameras, where the number of pixels is linked to the final quality of the photos.

And 8K television?

In addition to 4K, 8K television models are already arriving on the market, which represent the next step in the evolution of TVs. However, 8K television is not yet a reality and Full HD and UHD formats are still the most popular standards.


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