Is it worth allowing a child to watch “Very strange things”? Here is a guide for parents


“Very Strange Things 4” has captivated the world, and Netflix recently announced that the series has racked up 335 million hours of views in its first week on the streaming platform. With that said, it’s clear that many moms and dads would like a parent’s guide to “Very Strange Things” to help figure out if the show is suitable for some viewers.

Is “Very Strange Things” suitable for a 12-year-old child?

“Very Strange Things” appeals to a huge audience of all ages. The nostalgic setting of the 80s show and the Easter eggs of pop culture attract people who grew up in that era. In addition, the cast, consisting of rising young stars, makes children also want to watch it. If you are a parent of a teenager, you certainly haven’t heard your child talk about it. However, are “Very Strange Things” suitable for a 12-year-old child?

In fact, it all depends on the child. Some middle school students may enjoy the thrill of dealing with monsters that call the Upside Down House. The creators of “Very Strange Cases 4” Ross and Matt Duffer have repeatedly warned viewers that this season includes the scariest moments of the series. This season’s villain Vecna is horribly killing his victims in rather bloody ways, so another point to consider is whether your child is handling blood and guts well.

In addition, the series tells about the traumatic events associated with the loss of children and their abuse. Hawkins National Laboratory conducts cruel experiments on young children, and what happens there may worry younger viewers.