Is it possible to get rid of overflights?


Ooblets is an indie game, partly collecting creatures, partly urban life, partly a farm simulator in which players manage their farms and make friends with the townspeople in a crazy dance. Players can grow fancy named creatures for various reasons, but some farmers quickly discover that they no longer have room for overflights, and the question arises: is it possible to get rid of overflights?

It is not immediately clear how to do this. Creating a farm to store more overflights requires a lot of time and money. But overflights that don’t help on the farm or at a dance party just take up space. So how do gamers get rid of the extra charming creatures in Ooblets?

Updated September 3, 2022 by Hody Jones: this guide was released very early in the early access period of the game, and it correctly states that the answer to the question at the time was negative. The article was very informative, even reaching out to developer sources on Reddit and Discord to find out if there are any plans for such a feature. The developers, stating that they do not plan for people to have more than one type of the same flyby, did not see the need to reset the flyovers. It turned out that two years later the views have changed, and now it is possible. As a result, this article has been completely reworked to describe in detail how getting rid of overflights works.

Dropping overflights in the wildlands

While some games are heavily based on a sci-fi lifestyle simulation and force gamers to download and upload their friends, Ooblets has a much more natural approach. Take all unnecessary flights, set them up to follow the main character and go to the WildLands.

There will be a bulletin board at the gate. Interact with it and click the button labeled “Add flyby”. From here, just select the flyby that is ready to be sent.

The best thing about Wildlands is that overflights can be retrieved from this place when they are needed again or if gamers just want to shake things up. No new dances are required, just approach them in their new home, click “Get” and let them follow the party.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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