Is it More Worth Buying A Cell Phone on Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday?


Amazon Prime Day started this Monday (21) and continues until tomorrow (22), promising to be a great opportunity to change smartphones. Considering the past editions of the event, the online commerce giant should offer discounts as good as those seen on Black Friday, ensuring a great opportunity to change cell phones.

The question that remains is: is it worth investing in a device now, during the Amazon event, or is it better to wait for Black Friday, which takes place in the last week of November?

Check here some technical and marketing points that can be useful when deciding whether you should change your cell phone now or wait a few months to buy a new device.

2020 cell phones should receive discounts

As Prime Day takes place at the end of this 1st semester, the trend is for the best discounts to appear for smartphones launched last year, in other words, don’t expect to see great deals on Amazon with cell phones bringing the new Snapdragon 888, for example.

Amazon’s promotion could be a good opportunity to acquire interesting cell phones that hit the market at the end of last year. Chip-equipped models like the Snapdragon 865, formerly Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line, should finally receive interesting discounts.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, for example, recently arrived in Brazil with the model equipped with the Qualcomm processor. Launched at the end of 2020 from R$ 4,500, it reached its lowest price in March this year and can currently be found from R$ 2,400, according to the price comparator Zoom. At Amazon, however, it is starting at R$ 2,800.

The Xiaomi Mi 10T is another model with last year’s top-of-the-line processor. Launched in the 3rd quarter of 2020, the cell phone cost around R$ 5,500, and its price has fallen dramatically since April. At the beginning of this week, the product is at the level of R$ 2,600 on Amazon.


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