Is it important that Lita’s child does not have a name at the end of the “Sandman”?


Warning: SPOILERS for Netflix comics “The Sandman and the Sandman”

Lita Hall’s Baby (Razan Jammal) there is no name in the first season of “Sandman”, but this child from “Dreams” — and his name — will have a huge impact on “Sandman” in the future. Netflix’s “Sandman” adapts the first two collections of Neil Gaiman’s favorite graphic novels from DC comics: “Preludes and Nocturnes” and “Dollhouse.” Lita Hall doesn’t make her debut until the second half of the first season of The Sandman covers the Dollhouse storyline, which ends with Dream (Tom Sturridge) declaring that Lita’s baby is “mine.”

In the first season of The Sandman, Lita Hall is the closest friend of Rose Walker (Vanessa Samunyai) and accompanies her to the UK to meet her great-great-grandmother Unity Kincaid (Sandra James-Young). But Lita also has a secret: she communicates with her deceased husband Hector Hall (Lloyd Everett), who begins to invite her to stay with him in a Dream. Incredibly, Lita gets pregnant, and not only in a dream, but also in reality. Lita’s miracle baby is growing incredibly fast, and she will give birth in just a few days. Morpheus intervenes when he learns about Lita and Hector from Rose, who is a Whirlwind of Dreams. The Dream of the Infinite sends Hector, a ghost hiding in a Dream, back to the Dim Lands, but he also claims Lita’s child because he is a child conceived and carried in a Dream, which makes him part of the Dream itself. .

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Lita prefers not to name her child at the end of the first season of The Sandman. She rejects the idea of naming the baby after his father, and the question of the child’s name remains open. But this is important, because it is Dream who is destined to give Lita’s child his name. The child is an important part of the Sandman mythology in the future, and he is connected to the Dream in the same way as Rose and Jed Walker, because they are also children of the Infinite, immortal Dream family. Rose and Jed are the great-great-grandchildren of Unity Kincaid, who was impregnated by Desiree (Mason Alexander Park) while she was sleeping for decades due to sleeping sickness caused by Dream imprisonment. Similarly, Lita’s child is part of a Dream.

What is the name of Lita’s child in “The Sandman”?

It is expected that the second season of “The Sandman” will be an adaptation of the next two volumes of Neil Gaiman’s collections: “Dreamland” and “Season of Fogs”. It is in the last storyline that Lita Hall’s child gets her name: Dream calls him Daniel. The child’s name, beginning with the letter “D”, is the key to his future and connects Daniel with the rest of the Infinite, whose names all begin with “D”: Fate, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), Dream, Destruction (also known as “Prodigal Son”), Desire, Despair (Donna Preston) and Nonsense. Dream gives Daniel his name in the “Season of Mists” during his preparation for the descent into hell to force Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) to release his former lover Nada from imprisonment. Dream names Daniel because he’s afraid he won’t come back from hell, and Daniel is an important seed planted in the Sandman’s future.

Longtime readers of The Sandman comics know what the ultimate fate of Dream and Daniel is. Daniel should be the next aspect of the Dream of the Infinite after Morpheus meets his end, and Daniel is a completely different Dream: almost completely white, and not the darkness that Morpheus covers. However, this is the story for many seasons of “The Sandman”. At the moment, Lita Hall’s baby is still a newborn, waiting for Dream of the Endless to give him his name.


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