Is it good or bad to dream that you are falling?


Dreaming that we fall has different interpretations and, depending on the moment in which it occurs, its explanation can be physiological or symbolic in nature.

According to experts, if this dream occurs during the first minutes of the sleep cycle it is because the brain sends an impulse to the body to wake it up as it is losing control and sends the signal to recover it. This often happens when we quickly fall asleep.

Beyond this physiological explanation is the symbolic plane. Falls in dreams are a descent into the unconscious, towards what the mind hides from ourselves.

Falling is accompanied by fear, which reflects a feeling of insecurity when we face big problems in real life, according to It can also indicate that you are on a dangerous path, so it invites us to review our judgment.

If you dream that you fall into the void it reflects that we have made a mistake, on the other hand, if you dream that you fall down the stairs it is a sign of danger. If you dream that there is a hole in front of you and you fall into it, it is a sign of future worries.

To dream that you fall in water means that you are drowning in limitations of everyday life, in this case, you must analyze what they are to overcome them and resurface. If you fall off a roof it means that you are going through financial difficulties.

But not all dreams related to falls are bad. If you fall and perceive that you are not afraid or you reach the ground standing, it means that you are strong enough to overcome any problem, and if we get up after falling it means that we will triumph despite the difficulties.


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