Is it correct to integrate the coronavirus into the TV series?


The new episodes of our favorite series have arrived and with them, the intrigues around the coronavirus. Good or bad idea ?

After months of waiting and considerable delays on the set of our favorite series, the new episodes have finally arrived. From This Is Us to Grey’s Anatomy via The Good Doctor, many series have chosen to integrate the Coronovirus pandemic into their plots, this event which has paralyzed the planet for many months and transformed the daily lives of millions of people. Confinement, masks, social distancing, family reunions by zoom, our favorite characters also experience it on screen. But is it really a good idea? If we understand the desire to deal with this upheaval so important in series that want to be “close” to reality, we are not necessarily for.

Indeed, while we have been living this situation for months already, when the lives of millions of people are turned upside down, we feel more than ever the need to escape through films, books and obviously series. So, when we sit down for a few hours, the time to immerse ourselves in our favorite shows, we don’t necessarily want to see the characters live the same thing as us and above all, we prefer that fiction remain fiction. Seeing the Gray Sloan Memorial doctors fighting the pandemic doesn’t distract us, although we already see it all day long on the news. Above all, the medical series, usually, often allow themselves to take liberties on the realism of their intrigues (shooting, ferry accident, plane crash, incurable disease finally cured, impossible diagnoses), why this sudden need for to be so grounded in reality?

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Without forgetting that, over the length, this intrigue cannot last. You know, every medical series likes to brag about having real geniuses in its hospital. How quickly could they find the cure for Covid 19 then? 3 episodes, 4? Choosing to deal with the pandemic can dangerously slow storylines when some series are already running out of steam. In the end, we would prefer that the writers ignore this event which has already controlled our lives for more than 8 months, and invent other intrigues for us which are indeed fictional. At this rate, we would almost expect the Avengers to land, with their masks, to save us all … If you too want to escape reality, we recommend the Dash & Lily series. on Netflix, love, the Christmas spirit and no coronavirus!


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