Is ‘iPhone subscription’ worth it? Details


For a long time, smartphones have been among the main objects of desire for Brazilians. To prove this point, a OLX survey revealed that the “Cell Phones and Telephony” category recorded the highest number of sales during the year 2020.

This market, which has a consortium and insurance for devices, has even won subscription services. For a monthly fee it is already possible not to buy, but to rent a cell phone for a certain period.

The startup Allugator is one of those that offers lending of smartphones. The company grew 900% in revenue last year and has 2 thousand active users. Cadu Guerra, CEO of the company, says that consumer behavior has changed and generated a more ephemeral relationship between the user and electronics.

“The subscription model is the smartest way to have a cell phone. In addition to paying a much lower price to have the same asset, it is very practical: the person does not have to worry about reselling the product afterwards and, of course, there is protection against theft, theft and damage, ”said the executive.

Is it worth renting an iPhone?

The iPhone line is one of the most popular in the world. In the same survey by OLX, mentioned earlier, the model appeared as a highlight, being the most sought after and best-selling product throughout the past year. Therefore, TecMundo made a comparison to analyze whether it is worth renting an Apple cell phone.

First, it is necessary to explain that Allugator leases in periods of 3, 6 and 12 months. Payment can be made up to 12 times (up to 3 times without interest); the plan offers protection against theft, theft and damage and the shipping period is at least 35 days.

The 12-month rental of the iPhone 12 Pro Max (256 GB), for example, is costing R $ 4,356.80. To obtain the model for 6 months, it is charged R $ 3,307.85, while for 3 months it costs R $ 2,258.90. If the customer wants to buy the same device, he will find values ​​starting at R $ 8,910.24, according to a survey conducted in price search engines on Wednesday (24).


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