Is “High Water” on Netflix based on real life?


Netflix is known for its magical way of filming events in real time and giving out facts as well as backstory, making them interesting. And the six—part series “High Water” on Netflix is proof of that. In addition, this is a very exciting Netflix series starring Agnieszka Zulewska, Tomasz Schuchardt and Ireneusz Chop. The series revolves around decisions made by higher authorities on the verge of disaster. And the drastic consequences that this has on civilians. Despite the fact that the Polish series is intriguing and dramatic, it has a realism that makes you think.

Is High Water on Netflix based on real events?

The series has such detailed descriptions that would be possible only if it were based on real-time events. High Water on Netflix takes into account the events of the 1997 Oder flood, also known as the Central European flood. It is installed in Wroclaw, which was one of the most affected cities during the flood. The plot of the series follows hydrologist Jasmina Tremere. She is watching the water level rise, which will form what should become a devastating flood.

While Jasmina quickly gets to her feet and warns everyone about the impending danger, the locals do not pay attention to her warnings.

“High Water” on Netflix, with its breathtaking performance and stunning direction, is, without a doubt, a good watch. But it’s when you realize that the series is based on the tragedy and real stories of people affected by the Oder flood in 1997 that it becomes a real hit.

The foundations of the coming tragedy were laid by torrential rains in the south-west of Poland and in the Czech Republic. This led to the flooding of the Oder and Mawa river basins, which caused irreparable damage to the two countries. In addition, the flood was so devastating that it engulfed entire cities. The damage caused to Germany amounted to about 330 million euros.

The action of the series takes place in Wroclaw, where 56 people died. Moreover, it is estimated that about 144 people died in all three countries. “High Water” on Netflix is an impressive conclusion from this disaster. He not only dwells only on suffering, but also shows how people and the system helped each other.

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