Is Henry Cavill Back on Netflix? David Fincher’s Project Draws Attention Amid Amazon Prime Rumors With The Witcher Actor


After the preservation of “Man of Steel 2” Henry Cavill returns to Netflix? The actor was all in suspense when he announced the creation of “Man of Steel 2”. But after months of speculation, the actor officially announced that WB’s future plans don’t include him. Although this has left many people disheartened, one question remains. Where can we expect to see Henry Cavill again?

The actor left his leading series “The Witcher”, leaving Liam Hemsworth in his place. While he may not be returning to this show, there is another show that could bring Cavill back to Netflix. The prequel to David Fincher’s “Chinatown” may show the actor in a new light.

How Henry Cavill could return to the series with David Fincher’s Chinatown prequel

Although the WB door may have closed for Henry Cavill forever, he may return to Netflix with another series. According to the giant robot freak, Cavill is in talks with Fincher about creating a prequel series on Netflix. The original film was shot in 1974 with Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson in the lead roles. We can expect to see Cavill recreate the starring role of J.J. Gittes in a coat and hat. If the role is confirmed, it will be a big step forward for the project. In an attempt to get as close to the original as possible, Robert Townes will also return to write a prequel.


The original film was based in the 20th century, revolving around water right in South Carolina, which eventually led to the formation of Los Angeles. A woman hires Gittes to find out if her husband is cheating on her, but the journey takes him on a path that will expose corruption, deception and murder. As for the Henry Cavill prequel, it may be dedicated to the adventures of the detective before these events or be related to the plot.

While DC is looking for a young Superman, there is no shortage of offers for the former “Witcher” actor. Would you like Henry Cavill to return to Netflix and work with David Fincher? Write your thoughts in the comments.


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