Is G-Dragon Dating President Shinsegae’s Granddaughter? The Company Responds


On January 9, various Chinese online communities started rumors that a member of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, is dating the granddaughter of the chairman of the board of Shinsegae, one of the largest shopping mall chains in South Korea.

The rumors started after G-Dragon was spotted at a Street Man Fighter concert in Seoul, sitting in the audience wearing a mask. Fans suspected that the idol came to the concert to support his good friends from YGX.

According to some netizens, G-Dragon was not alone, he was accompanied by a young woman.

It is reported that a woman who is considered the granddaughter of the chairman of the “Shinsegae Department Store” posted a photo below, which made many netizens suspect that the hand with a tattoo in the form of a smiley face belongs to G-Dragon.

G-Dragon tattoo below:

After the rumors appeared on the network, the representative of “Shinsegae” officially responded, refuting the reports about the relationship.

On January 10 , a company representative stated: “Although the unconfirmed facts go beyond a single event and disorderly speculative reports continue, we are making an official statement to correct the misinformation. Please refrain from further blind speculative messages. »

“After talking to [Lee Myung-hee’s granddaughter] herself, she went to a concert with a group of people and just posted a photo she took [with G—Dragon] because she’s a fan of them,” they continued. “We ask you to refrain from publishing further unsubstantiated assumptions [in this case]. »

Although G-Dragon itself has not responded, the company’s reaction is clear.


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