Is Freema Agyeman Leaving Medical Drama Like Helen Sharpe?


New Amsterdam, the hit medical drama that airs on NBC on Tuesdays every week, released Season 4 Episode 14 last night, bringing Max and Helen back to New York. The couple played by Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman, did not imagine that they would return so soon to the hospital and many children due to a tragedy. (Major spoilers for episode 14)

Recall that in the story of episode 13 of the fourth installment of New Amsterdam, entitled “Family”, which was broadcast last week, the death of one of the hospital’s medical staff caused a stir among his co-workers. . Unfortunately, Dr. Vijay Kapoor ceased to exist in the show’s plot, leaving everyone devastated including Max and Helen, who were in London by the time they found out.

The truth is that Max and Helen temporarily returned to New Amsterdam to be present at the funeral of their great friend Dr. Kapoor. However, after the events that occurred in episode 14, which is entitled “Until the end”, it was thought at one point that the couple would return to London, but it was not so, at least for Max. Eggold’s character made the decision to stay for a while longer, while Helen left on her own.

In this sense, the fact that Helen left for London without Max left fans of New Amsterdam worried. Some might be thinking that Agyeman will have less of a presence for the rest of Season 4 of the NBC medical drama. Keep in mind that she was the one at the end of episode 14 who urged Max to stay in New York, rather than return to his new home.

It turns out that the decision to stay in New Amsterdam has to do with the precarious state of the hospital run by Dr. Verónica Fuentes. With the character of Michelle Forbes at the helm as medical director since Max left for London with Helen, the hospital has become a place where doctors are fighting each other in a permanent war that is not allowing them to focus on what really cares, the patients.

Max may not have loved the idea of ​​staying, but in the end he too realized that he needed to. Fans will likely see the character in the rest of the season 4 episodes, trying to get everything in order and if possible get Fuentes out of the way. For now, though, the plan is to round up the entire staff of New Amsterdam. But the question to ask here is this: How long will this situation take to fix and what does this mean for Freema’s future in the series?

With Helen alone in London and keeping her separate from the other characters it could feel like a stretch for the rest of New Amsterdam season 4, as the plot will most likely focus on the current chaos at the hospital. However, at least fans can breathe knowing that Helen will continue to exist in this fascinating story. She has made it very clear to Max that he will never lose her, and the two will fight to make their relationship and her careers work.