Is Escape From Tarkov Closed?


Realistic shooter Escape From Tarkov received a progress vape today, resetting progress for all players. This is a large public event that takes place every six months. Unfortunately, it seems that players are currently unable to log in to the game, and many players, including the NME authors, get a POST error.

Error Code: Error on POST . Status code: BadGateway. This seems to indicate that the game is trying to access the latest patch, as the game is currently on patch 0.13, not patch 0.12.12, which was previously installed prior to today’s update (December 28).

It’s unclear what’s causing this from a technical point of view, but it looks like it could be the result of the servers being clogged with all the players trying to access Tarkov at the same time. Streams are currently being conducted on Twitch, so it is quite possible that this will affect a small part of the players. As a rule, the developer of Battlestate Games fixes problems quickly, so the problem is expected to be resolved within an hour or two.

For anyone who can enter, the Escape From Tarkov 0.13 patch adds the Streets of Tarkov map, grenade launchers, a variety of other weapons and even new combat stimulators. You can also repair your armor to give it new bonus characteristics.

NME will report any fix as soon as it is announced.


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