Is eBay Preparing to Accept Payments in Cryptocurrencies?


In an interview with The Street on Sunday, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone stated that although the company does not currently accept crypto payments, they are examining the industry and may make an announcement soon at their investor meeting on March 10.

Crypto Statement from eBay CEO

The CEO of eBay, the largest auction-style shopping site on the Internet, made a statement stating that they can accept payments with cryptocurrencies. eBay CEO Jamie Iannone announced in an interview with The Street that they currently do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies, but are also considering alternative payment options that can be accepted on the platform for the future.

eBay Involved Early In The NFT Ecosystem

Expressing that they do not accept payments with cryptocurrencies at the moment, eBay CEO explained that there are various alternative payment methods under consideration and pointed to the investor meeting scheduled for March 10 for the official announcement on the subject.

Additionally, eBay became the first e-commerce company to enter the NFT ecosystem early, allowing the sale of NFTs in May 2021. A company representative also stated that at the time, the company was investigating allowing cryptocurrencies. With these statements of the eBay CEO, there was an expectation in the public that the platform could start accepting payments with cryptocurrencies from March.