Is Dr Disrespect Switching to Kick? Banned Twitch Streamer Fueled After Adin Ross Hint


Rumors began to spread that Dr Disrespect, who was banned from Twitch under mysterious circumstances and moved to YouTube, could move the streaming platform again — join Kick.

Dr Disrespect moved to YouTube after leaving Twitch, but, unlike many of his contemporaries, he was not lured away by a major contract. Twitch inexplicably (at least to the public) banned Doc, and even years later the exact reason for his ban is shrouded in mystery.

Since then, he has remained on YouTube, although his relationship with the platform has also not been completely smooth, he has repeatedly called them out, usually due to what he considers a lack of support.

Juxtapose this with Kick’s newfound popularity and confirmation that they have signed a contract with a “superstar”, there is now speculation that the superstar is Dr Disrespect.

Will Dr. Disrespect join Kick?

On March 27, Adin Ross, who actively supported Kick, announced that another “superstar” would join them. It was supposed to be someone from Twitch, since he added “rest in the Twitch urine”- but what if it wasn’t a Twitch streamer at all?

On his stream the same day, Dr Disrespect said it was a “big announcement”—that he was “building a brand new arena.”

“It’s big. It’s a big time. We are building this. I just got the schematics. I think we will move forward.”

The topic starts at 16:40

“We are getting bigger. More modern, more futuristic,” Doc continued. “But we had a lot of good memories right here.”

Clearly, he was trying not to give out too much, but the “arena” of Doctor Disrespect refers to his streaming domain and has undergone a number of iterations over the years.

A brand new arena might just mean a visual overhaul of its current setup, but could also be a metaphor for a new streaming platform.

At the moment there is nothing concrete that would indicate that he is leaving YouTube, but many fans believe that this fragment was a big clue. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Doc switches to Kick,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “He’s overdue an exclusive deal, and it looks like Kik wants to spend the money to attract some high-end talent. The dock is perfect for this!”

At the moment, we can only wait for the announcement of the new “superstar” Kick streamer and the disclosure of the new Dock arena — whether they are connected or not is still unknown.


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