Is Deadpool Wearing WrexhamAFC? Ryan Reynolds Shares Art Depicting The Antihero in Betty Baz’s Latest Tornado


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are expanding not only their family, but also their business. Recently, Betty Buzz from Lively has teamed up with the Welsh football club co-owned by her husband, Wrexham AFC. While everyone is excited about the partnership, the Canadian actor shared a fan art of Deadpool in Wrexham clothes with the Betty Buzz logo.

Production of “Deadpool 3” has already begun. Hugh Jackman and other X-Men characters are ready to reprise their role. Amid the hype surrounding the upcoming movie “Deadpool”, a fan created an amazing image of Deadpool in a Wrexham merchandise with the Betty Buzz logo. And the Vancouver-based actor shared the art in his Instagram stories.

 An artist named karthiknjaartist on Instagram is the creator of funny and absurd art. He forced Deadpool to wear Wrexham merchandise, and also forced him to pose from different angles. He also created a meme with Wolverine, which the “Son” actor also shared on his profile. Fans are looking forward to the appearance of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in “Deadpool 3”.

Until they see the iconic duo on the big screen, fans express their love for the mercenary with a mouth by creating various art forms.

Ryan Reynolds once came across a strange Deadpool costume made by fans.

Before the start of filming, the Canadian actor stumbled upon a strange Deadpool costume created by fans. He discovered that someone had created a mercenary with a mouth using balloons. After seeing this version of his iconic character, he urged fans not to create such costumes. However, there are fans who love the character so much that they even got a tattoo of Deadpool.

Another Twitter user created an art of Deadpool and Wolverine with a deadly look. He even started counting down the day when they would finally see the movie on the big screen. Loudly greeting both actors, the artist expressed his zeal and art for the world.
Remember when Stray Kids announced Deadpool as a Christmas movie? Well, this artist created Deadpool in the image of Santa Claus and named him SantaPul.

As long as fans don’t stop posting their love for the iconic MCU antihero, what do you think about it? Did you like the work that Reynolds shared on his profile? What do you think about Betty Buzz’s partnership with Wrexham AFC? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.


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