Is Cristiano Ronaldo contracted to Juventus until 2022?


Bad news for Juventus Turin! His star Cristiano Ronaldo may not extend his contract and leave the club in 2022.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo therefore already bored with Juventus? It seems in any case that the Portuguese does not think of prolonging the adventure in Serie A … The fault, no doubt, of a lack of results.

Indeed, while he left Real Madrid after nine years of loyal service, the Ballon D’Or hoped to show its strength elsewhere. Because winning titles with Real Madrid seemed almost too easy …

He therefore wanted to show that, in another championship, with another team, he would win just as much. Surrounded by stars like Paolo Dybala or Alvaro Morata, Cristiano Ronaldo has therefore found his marks.

So he is currently on a 30-goal streak in 33 matches… Unbelievable, as he turns 36 next February. But if Juventus does not disappoint in the national championship, everything does not seem so simple …

Eliminated by Lyon in the Champions League last season, Juve seems indeed much less armed than its competitors to go and win the trophy this season. Enough to tire Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Goal Italia.


So it could be that the five-time Golden Ball will go to the end of his contract this season … And then that’s it. Even if he remains a loyal player, he would be looking for a club to win his last titles.

After 5 Champions Leagues, it seems indeed close to the end of his career… Cristiano Ronaldo could therefore seek an ambitious club, better equipped to win one last time.

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A month that he makes the choice of the heart, and returns to Manchester United or even Sporting Portugal? Attached to its roots, CR7 has left a mark in these two clubs. In any case, his future may not lie at Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo still has more than seven months to decide whether to pursue his career at Juventus Turin, or whether he will try to win more titles elsewhere. But in any case, he doesn’t seem to be thinking about retirement!


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