İs “committed” to bring Xbox Game Pass to iPhone


At the moment, cloud gaming is only allowed on Android. Apple is making difficulties for third-party game services.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has been convinced of his intention to make Xbox Game Pass possible through streaming on iOS terminals (iPhone, iPad) after Apple’s continued refusal to open the doors to solutions such as Google Stadia , Nvidia or Microsoft itself.

In a meeting with CNBC, the executive reflected on the recent purchase of ZeniMax Media – which includes all Bethesda studios – by Microsoft, one of the most shocking news in the world of video games in recent years. The conversation has transcended Xbox Game Pass, where the games of the eight Bethesda teams will be from day one, which become part of the Xbox Game Studios seal (from 15 to 23 internal studios).

Xbox Game Pass is now available on Android via streaming

But that’s not all, there is a pending debt with the second most used operating system in mobile terminals: “We are committed to bringing Game Pass to all mobile phones, including Apple phones. We will continue the talks, I am sure that we will be able to reach a resolution ”, he adds.

Currently, Apple only allows access to the Apple Arcade subscription mode, which is governed by the specific conditions of the Cupertino firm and allows full control of the content. Google Stadia, for example, has also been available on Android for about a year, while Xbox has launched this September the game mode in the cloud via streaming … but restricted to Google’s Android operating system.

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Although Spencer’s words are currently only a promise, Apple remains closed in its position. In addition, it maintains a legal conflict with another of the great technology companies in the sector, Epic Games, which has had Fortnite as a victim, currently outside the App Store.


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