Is Chris Hemsworth still interested in continuing Star Trek with Chris Pine? Here and what does he say


“Star Trek 4″ is finally approaching the silver screen, to the relief of many “Star Trek” fans after years of development hell. One of the reasons the sequel ended up in production purgatory was that the Kris—Pine and Hemsworth—reportedly turned down a proposed movie where the older and younger Kirks would finally meet. As the Kelvin timeline gang returns for another, the storyline may be playing out in theaters. Although there was no word on Hemsworth’s return, the “Thor: Love and Thunder” star revealed whether he was still interested in continuing “Star Trek” with Pine.

Before becoming captain of the USS Kelvin George T. Kirk, the MCU star auditioned for the role of Captain James Kirk before Pine booked the role. Hemsworth admitted to Vanity Fair that he didn’t understand the scale of the franchise reboot before it hit theaters. The death of his character made the Trekkies want a father-son meeting. Of course, it almost happened. Years after the proposed storyline was frozen, the Hollywood star revealed whether he would consider playing the role of George Kirk again.

At one point, it was rumored that I was doing a movie with Chris Pine. The script was sort of assembled, and then fell apart. If J.J. Abrams called me tomorrow and said, “Chris Pine and I want to do this,” I’d probably say, “Yeah, let’s do this!”

I hope Paramount heard Hemsworth’s words when CEO Brian Robbins talked about the studio and producer JJ. Abrams is investing all of its resources and attention to bring the franchise back to the big screen. Maybe they’ll review the original synopsis and decide how to bring him back into their ranks. It would be helpful to fulfill a promise that many Trekkies have been looking forward to.

A few years ago, a second visit to the elder Kirk was out of the question. Hemsworth rejected the sequel, feeling that the script did not meet the standards of the Kelvin saga. His admission contradicted earlier reports that he and Pine had left the sequel to Star Trek Beyond due to insufficient performance of the third film, which affected the potential salary of the Kris in the fourth part.

Of course, the return of the Spiderhead star will be welcomed. Pine had already made several offers for the fourth film even before production began. Of course, none of Calvin’s gang knows when they’ll get the script or the start date. So Paramount may have plenty of time to call Hemsworth.

“Star Trek 4” is scheduled to hit theaters on December 23, 2023. In the meantime, you can get a Netflix subscription to see Chris Hemsworth in the sci-fi thriller “Spider’s Head.” Then his return in the role of the Scandinavian god in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which will be released in theaters on July 8. If you want to find out what other Hemsworth or Marvel movies are coming out this year, just check out our movie schedule for 2022.