Is Brad Pitt dating Emily Ratajkowski? How did they meet and what are the rumors about


Technically, Brad Pitt’s divorce has not yet been finalized, but legally he has been living separately from Angelina Jolie for several years. The actor of the bullet train has been seen on dates in the past, but they say that he is now dating actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, and although things may not be very serious at the moment, they may well be moving in this direction.

Emily Ratajkowski is best known for her role as Ben Affleck’s mistress in the film “Disappeared” and for her role in Robin Thicke’s video “Blurred Lines”, where, according to Ratajkowski, the singer groped her on the set. An anonymous source spoke to people who said the couple was introduced because of their shared love of art. They have apparently been on several dates, but also keep in touch when not together. The source claims…

He was introduced to Emily by a friend from the art world. There is an attraction, but nothing serious is happening. She’s obviously gorgeous and very into art. They have a lot to talk about, and they always have a great time when they hang out. They keep in touch when they don’t see each other.

Although the source calls the relationship “nothing serious,” it seems that this relationship is not entirely random. If they keep in touch when they’re not dating, they’ve probably built some kind of personal relationship. It looks like the source is someone who knows Emily Ratajkowski, as he seems to know more about the model’s relationship side than what Pitt thinks about the whole thing.

A source says she is “in love” with the actor. Ratajkowski recently filed for divorce herself. Although the details of her breakup with film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard are unknown, the filing was disputed, so the two have something else in common.

Brad Pitt’s divorce process has been going on for many years, despite the fact that the couple has officially separated since 2019. There were unresolved issues, the first of which was custody of the couple’s minor children. In the past, Pitt was granted joint custody of the children, but Jolie continued to challenge this decision, even moving several times, and eventually succeeded in removing the judge who issued the joint custody order from the case.

Another problem is Chateau Miraval, a winery that the couple bought when they were together. It is reported that Pitt wants to gain control of the winery to the point that he sued Jolie when she tried to sell her half of the company without his consent. Last month, Jolie’s company Nouvel sued Pitt over the winery, alleging that he was trying to seize control of the property and prevent her from making a legitimate profit.

Whether it turns out to be just two people having fun together, or turns into something more serious, as long as everyone is happy, there is no reason not to wish them all the best.


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