Is Airbnb Getting Ready to Support Crypto Payments?


Brian Chesky, CEO of online accommodation platform Airbnb, stated in a post on his official Twitter account that offering crypto payment support is the number one request from users this year.

Crypto Payment Support Number One Demand

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who recently asked users’ 2022 demands for the platform with a post he made on his Twitter account, analyzed the feedback and shared the most prominent demands on his social media account. Chesky stated that providing payment support with cryptocurrencies ranks number one among more than 4,000 requests from users.

Chesky’s statement in his post that “we are working on most requests” has caused talk on social media that Airbnb may soon start offering payment support with crypto. In addition, with Chesky adding the comment that “crypto payments include various token ideas”, comments were made that the crypto payment support in question would not be limited to a few crypto assets.

Past Remarks by Airbnb CEO

Making a statement on the subject in September, Airbnb CEO Chesky told Fox Business that there is a strong demand for the addition of payment support for cryptocurrencies. Chesky said that there is a great demand in this regard, but there is no development to be announced yet.

Along with the high demand for crypto payment support, the expression “we are working on most of them” used by Chesky in his post on his Twitter account naturally created the expectation that various steps will be taken on the subject in the social media. The detail that Chesky added by referring to the variety of tokens strengthened the expectation in question.