Is 69 Thousand Bitcoins Earned with Quantum Computer?


Hackers are trying to infiltrate an address that contains 69,000 Bitcoins. Although many different hackers have tried to hack this address so far, no one has been successful yet. The hacker who managed to infiltrate the wallet will be waiting for a fortune of $ 690 million from today’s rate. So can hackers use a quantum computer in this process?

A new one has been added to the mysterious Bitcoin addresses. According to the information reported by a Twitter user named Alon Gal, there is currently a Bitcoin address that contains 69 thousand BTC and is tried to be captured by hackers.

It Moves From Hand to Hand

Hackers around the world have been trying to hack a cryptocurrency address for 2 years. Alon Gal said that this address, which contains 69,000 Bitcoins, has been around for 2 years. Hackers try to hack this address one by one, and when they fail, they transfer the address to another hacker.

For now, Alon Gal continues this struggle. Gal shared the information of the address on his social media account, and jokingly asked Google for a “quantum computer” to capture this Bitcoin wallet.


Does Quantum Computing Work?

Can a quantum computer be used to hack Bitcoin? This question has sparked a lot of controversy over the past few years. Last year, Google’s announcement that it developed a quantum computer that could solve equations that would normally be solved in 10,000 years in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, sparked these discussions.

Peter Todd, a former Bitcoin developer, thinks that the quantum computer cannot be used to hack Bitcoin at this stage. Stating that these computers are used for much simpler purposes for now, Todd argues that the cryptography technology used in the Bitcoin network cannot be overcome with these computers.

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In response, companies like Deloitte claim that quantum computers pose a serious threat to Bitcoin. Deloitte stated in a study he conducted on this subject that these computers could damage 25% of the total amount of BTC in circulation. Deloitte explained that “if enough Bitcoin is stolen, the market can collapse completely.”


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