IRS Channel on Telegram allows services for CPF


Although not as popular as WhatsApp in Brazil, Telegram already has a good user base in the country. But, unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s messenger, the application is widely used to create “channels” that can be followed so that the user stays on top of a certain subject or performs certain services with the help of chatbots.

And it is with this premise that the IRS has just announced its channel for the provision of services to CPF through Telegram. With it, the user will be able to perform some services for Individuals with the help of a “robot”.

Among the features of the IRS chatbot on Telegram, the possibilities for the user to request a duplicate of his CPF or even consult his CPF registration status, in addition to being able to update or regularize it directly through the app, stand out. The user can also consult the absence of income tax return.

To start using the services of the Federal Revenue channel in the messenger, just search for it as “ReceitaFederalOficial” in the “magnifying glass” of the application and follow the instructions passed on the screen.

This initiative comes at a great time, when people need more facilities to perform various services online without the need to leave home. “This measure contributes to avoid the displacement of people to the face-to-face care units, in order to preserve the health of civil servants and citizens, minimizing crowds and, consequently, the spread of the COVID-19 virus”, explains the institution in a note.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that an official agency has created such a service. In March, the Government of São Paulo created a channel – also on Telegram – to fight false news about the new coronavirus that circulates on the web.

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