IRPF 2021: Revenue Releases New Version of The Tax Declaration Program


IRPF 2021: A new version of the 2021 Income Tax Program (PGD / IRPF) was made available by the IRS on Thursday (29). The update is in line with the extension of the deadline for the delivery of the declaration recently announced, going to May 31st.

In the updated program, the Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF) guides are now issued with the maturity dates adjusted to the new deadline for submitting the IRPF 2021 declaration, which previously ended on April 30 – the change happened to smooth the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the IRS, the extension of the maturity dates covers the payment of the DARF in a single installment, of the first installment, of the donation related to the Funds controlled by the councils of the elderly and referring to the Statute of the Child and Adolescent.

The document for the return of Emergency Aid in the income tax also starts to expire on the new date, remembering that the action is necessary for those who received the installments of $ 600 or $ 1,200 of the benefit and had taxable income greater than $ 22, 8 thousand in 2020.

Download version 1.3 of PGD 2021

The new version of the 2021 Income Tax Program can be downloaded from the IRS website. On the page, you can find the software alternatives for Windows, Linux, macOS and multiplatform, in addition to the app for Android and iOS.

Anyone who had already issued the DARF due on April 30th does not need to redo the issue or make any corrections. According to the Revenue, documents can be paid normally until May 31, without any additions.

The agency also informed that debit inquiries through the e-CAC system will show the amounts as past due after April 30th. However, the correction will take place until May 10, and the deadline will be extended.


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