Ironheart Can Bring Back the Phase 1 Iron Man Tradition That the MCU Forgot About


The MCU multiverse can make Riri Williams’ Iron Heart armor as fun as Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits in Phase 1. Iron Man’s absence has been felt throughout Phase 4 of the MCU, but fortunately it won’t take long until a new armored hero takes his place. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever presents┬áRiri Williams, a young genius who creates his own armor inspired by Iron Man.

Tony Stark’s first Iron Man armor was a product of a life situation. Stark created the bulky Iron Man Mark I from parts of his own weapon while imprisoned in a cave, which prompted him to redirect all his skills and resources into a more defensive invention. He then upgraded each of his Iron Man suits with repulsors, an artificial intelligence system, and a suit extension system, among other enhancements. After several years and many different versions of Iron Man’s armor, Stark finally perfected Iron Man with the help of nanotechnology. This gradual progress made Iron Man an incredibly powerful superhero, but also removed some of what made his early appearances so exciting.

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The Iron Man costume process stands out in the MCU trilogy “Iron Man” and “The Avengers”. Unlike the almost instantaneous nanosuit mechanism in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Finale, the first Iron Man armor took time to show how every detail fell into place and how all the gears and plates adapted to Tony Stark’s body. While they weren’t as powerful as the Mark 50 or Mark 85 Iron Man armor, suits like the Mark IV provided a distinct sense of weight that made early Iron Man suits seem more durable. With Tony Stark gone, Riri Williams can begin her journey by creating similar armors that are a sight to behold every time they are assembled.

Iron Heart Suit Riri Williams Can Honor Iron Man

There are many MCU characters who may want to continue the legacy of Iron Man after his death. Spider-Man was Tony Stark’s protege, Warrior was his best friend, and Justin Hammer was his envious rival. But Iron Man’s ultimate successor needs more than a genius mind or good fighting skills. Riri Williams can demonstrate her ability to adapt using a variety of armors, from improvised ones like Mark I to specialized suits like Iron Legion prototypes from Iron Man 3.

Giving Ironheart nanotechnology from the start will likely slow down her character’s storyline. Riri Williams would be more appropriate to fight with all the little things, as Tony Stark did. Seeing her costume the same way Tony Stark did during his first performances, and hearing the movement of joints and the clink of a closing mask, you will definitely bring back loyal fans to the glory days of Iron Man.


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