Iron Man’s SKIN armor gave him the powers of the four legendary Avengers


One of Tony Stark’s greatest creations gave him powers similar to the four mighty Avengers, as his SKIN armor proved to be an extremely powerful suit for Iron Man. In Marvel Comics’ Iron Man #42, the hero’s SKIN armor debuted as it had an immediate impact, showcasing a number of abilities, including those similar to Captain America, the Hulk, Captain Marvel and Wolverine. But unfortunately, the suit had one huge weakness that eventually led to its defeat.

The early 2000s was a time of transformation for Iron Man in the pages of Marvel Comics. After his reputation was destroyed, Tony Stark decided to make significant changes in his life so that his secret identity disappeared from the general public. Stark folded his companies, gave his money to the Avengers and adopted the new name of Hogan Potts, as he worked in an office that was far from his usual luxurious life. However, hiding from the public did not prevent Iron Man from creating new costumes, including his SKIN armor, which combined several incredible abilities similar to those of his fellow heroes.

In “Iron Man #42” by Frank Tieri, Keron Grant, Stull, Story and Perotta and Edgar Tadeo from “Avalon” from Marvel Comics, Tony Stark is testing a brand new costume with incredible abilities. Called the SKIN armor, a liquid metal circuit forms around the object and creates an adamantium-hard shell. This makes Iron Man’s armor incredibly durable, since almost like the Hulk, he can deliver and receive powerful blows, including easily piercing omnium steel. The armor can also absorb energy (and release it as an omnidirectional beam) like Captain Marvel, and create energy blades like Wolverine claws, similar to Captain America’s photon shield technology. In addition, it can become invisible. Iron Man’s SKIN armor effectively combined several Avengers-like abilities.

Iron Man’s SKIN armor was undoubtedly one of his most unusual armors, giving him powers similar to several Avengers, but eventually Tony Stark abandoned the suit. After Ultron hacked Iron Man’s SKIN armor and turned it against the hero, Stark decided that it was better not to continue experimenting and using the suit, and sacrificed it, as the supervillain was trying to use deadly technology as a deadly weapon.

While the SKIN armor may be one of Tony Stark’s forgotten costumes, it remains one of his most impressive ensembles. With abilities similar to the Avengers, who had the same abilities as Wolverine, Captain America, Captain Marvel and the Hulk, the suit in its most advanced form could show the armored hero in all his power. However, when Ultron hacked the suit and used it for his deadly atrocity, Iron Man made the right decision by giving up his SKIN armor forever.