Iron Man’s Coolest Helmet was wasted on his ugly Armor


Tony Stark is not afraid to add a little zest to his Iron Man armor, as each comic costume has design elements that make them unique and stand out from others. However, when it came to his Model-18 armor, which helped him get out of the Earth’s atmosphere into outer space, Iron Man completely missed the mark with one of his ugliest creations. It’s funny that the eyesore armor also had one of his coolest helmets, which was completely wasted because of the tasteless suit.

Iron Man is often one of Marvel Comics’ coolest heroes, as his armor is often sleek, equipped with impressive technology, and also has incredibly powerful weapons. But Tony Stark has missed the mark with some of his projects. It’s hard not to forget about his hidden armor, which was both one of his ugliest and weakest suits. Or the time when he decided to remake his classic Iron Man armor and give it a nose—a feature that lasted only a few days. But his ugliest costume came from the mini-series “Iron Man: Bad Blood”, where the hero debuted in his disgusting armor “Model-18”.

In “Iron Man: Bad Blood #4” by David Michelini, Bob Layton, Steve Oliff and Troy Peteri, Tony Stark realized that he needed to go into space to confront Justin Hammer about the sale of his Runaway armor prototypes, which gave the wearer protection without any preparation. . The Iron Man in armor Model-18 launched himself into space on a drilling rig, being covered with a protective layer of experimental compression gel, which prevented the rupture of his suit when leaving Earth orbit. In the end, the suit did its job, but eventually became one of the ugliest armor that Iron Man has ever created.

The Model-18 armor looks as if the hero had seen an episode of Captain Planet and was determined to recreate the environment hero costume into a new suit. Unfortunately, the armor is ugly and incredibly loaded, as the details that give the suit a press, a yellow glowing circle around its neck, massive shoulder pads, mittens and boots, and red underwear similar to the middle part look wrong. The suit looks like Iron Man couldn’t stop adding things to it, creating a lot of mismatched parts. It’s a shame because the Model-18 armor actually has an incredibly cool helmet, as the silver mask with shades of yellow looks great. But with the armor in vain.

Fortunately, readers have seen the Model-18 armor only a few times over the years before it disappeared into obscurity. So it’s safe to assume that no one is demanding that Iron Man’s ugliest armor (with one of his coolest helmets) come back as the best thing left in the past. However, even without the bulky rig that sent him into space, Iron Man rarely looked worse.