Iron Man, Thor and the other Scarlet Witch will get a harsh redesign in the Avengers fan art


In a stunning new fan art from artist Pete Woods, three Avengers – the Scarlet Witch, Thor and Iron Man — get new harsh costumes that give each hero a new exciting look. On his Twitter account, Woods shared the costume changes, introducing brand new ensembles that offer something unique and fresh for the trio of “Earth’s Most Powerful Heroes.” Details like Wanda Maximoff’s new hairstyle and Iron Man’s mind-transforming armor create a fun design for every Avenger.

In the comics and MCU, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and Thor are among the heroes whose costumes have undergone the greatest number of changes. Each Avenger has worn several iconic images throughout his legendary history. Iron Man often changes his armor and introduces a new set of armor in almost every new arch in which he appears. He began wearing the ensemble of the All-Father after Odin’s death. Finally, the iconic red tiara and Scarlet Witch costume have undergone many changes over the years — its basic look basically remains the same, and the details around it change.

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On his Twitter account, artist Pete Woods (The Justice League’s Vibe) shared his fan art, a redesign of the three Avengers, with new images of Thor, The Scarlet Witch and Iron Man. The new costumes and styles are awesome. The Scarlet Witch wears a red jacket and long red boots with gold details, and changes her tiara for bangs, similar to her iconic headdress. The redesign creates something new for the hero, remaining true to her personality and former appearance.

I don’t have anything new to show you, so I’m pulling out these 3 recycled Avengers I’ve been playing with again. I need to keep doing this because it was fun, but my schedule is extremely busy right now. I can’t decide if I like Wanda’s haircut more or Thor’s father’s body.

— Pete Woods, an ordinary man (@thatpetewoods) July 21, 2022

Meanwhile, the fan art version of Thor looks more like a Scandinavian warrior, as his modified costume design gives him his father’s body, a Viking haircut and facial hair, as well as a fur cape when he wields Mjolnir. Meanwhile, Iron Man gets a new nanotechnological armor paired with a suit, as you can see the biotransformation of the Avenger, half of his body is covered with technology. On the contrary, the other half is distinguished by Tony Stark’s more elegant style.

Woods’ redesign doesn’t seem to be tied to any upcoming Marvel Comics project. However, if the publisher ever wanted to give the Avengers a unique look, the costumes would make this a gritty adventure different from the usual one involving Earth’s most powerful heroes. Ultimately, the redesigns of the Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Thor fan art are amazing. Woods did a great job providing the Avengers with a new design that honored their most famous costumes, but tried something new and exciting with each ensemble.


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