Iron Man Reveals The Secret Reason He Builds So Many Suits


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Iron Cat #1

It’s no secret in the Marvel universe that Tony Stark has many different Iron Man costumes. But it turns out he’s actually building them to keep himself busy and not to drink.

Tony Stark’s struggle with alcohol and addiction is infamous in Marvel comics. In the 1979 cult storyline “The Demon in the Bottle,” he came to terms with his alcoholism and has been sober ever since. His sobriety showed up from time to time, such as when the Scarlet Witch dismantled the Avengers and used her chaos magic to get Tony drunk. He also briefly fell out of the van during the Superior Iron Man storyline when his morality center was flipped and he became an evil version of himself.

For the most part, Tony is pretty secretive when it comes to his sobriety and his ups and downs in battles with alcoholism. But fans get some insight into his thinking in “Iron Cat #1” by Jed McKay and Perez Perez. This story centers around a Black Cat and an Iron Cat costume that Tony Stark sewed for her. An updated version of the original costume is stolen by Black Cat’s childhood rival. When she asks Stark about the updates, he says he did it to keep his hands busy, which keeps him from getting bored and wanting a drink.

Boredom is a common cause of relapses in alcoholics, so people struggling with addiction are often advised to try to occupy themselves. So it’s no surprise that someone like Tony Stark, a craftsman by nature, is constantly refining and upgrading his old costumes. He is also known for having a large assortment of backup suits, each designed for different situations and purposes. In many cases, this is due to the fact that Tony Stark is engaged in planning and likes to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, but a look at his costume park from the point of view of his alcoholism allows you to take a fresh look at his character.

While Tony’s constant fussing is good for his sobriety, it can cause trouble for his friends. If he was doing something as mundane as car repairs, it wouldn’t be such a big problem. But Iron Man’s armor is a weapon. So if he is constantly working on new costumes just to stay busy, it means that he is, in fact, creating new and different weapons that can be abused. The Black Cat can witness this firsthand, as the updated Iron Cat costume is stolen and she is being attacked by him. Still, having extra Iron Man armor lying around is better than a Tony Stark relapse.