Iron Man originally possessed Doctor Strange’s most iconic power


Aside from the fact that these two are incredibly brilliant, albeit a bit arrogant, it’s hard to find similarities between Iron Man and Doctor Strange, since Tony Stark relies solely on technology in his superhero exploits, and Doctor Strange has magic. However, during the time of the Avengers comics on Earth, Iron Man did possess a version of Doctor Strange’s most iconic power.

Tony Stark became Iron Man after being captured as a prisoner of war, suffering from a potentially fatal chest wound. While in captivity, Tony created an armor that not only kept him alive, but also gave him the strength needed to escape, and from that moment on, Stark continued to develop more and more advanced armor that has since made him one of the strongest. heroes on Earth. Stephen Strange’s background is also tragic in nature, as he was involved in a debilitating car accident that permanently damaged his hands, effectively ending Strange’s career as a neurosurgeon. Trying to regain the ability to use his hands, Strange turned to the ancient order of sorcerers for help, where he got much more than he wanted. The sorcerers accepted him as an apprentice, and soon Strange earned the title of Archmage and became the hero that fans know today.

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In Avengers #3 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Avengers hold a meeting to discuss recent events regarding the Hulk and the sudden departure from the team. While Hulk was instrumental in defeating Loki in Avengers #1, he left the team in Avengers #2, and in this issue, the Avengers decided that he was too dangerous to be left to himself in the world without their supervision. . So, Iron Man uses a device that he built himself to personally talk to every famous hero on Earth without leaving the Avengers’ operational base. The device that Iron Man uses in this release is called an Image Projector, which allows Tony to stretch his mind around the world, creating a ghostly image of himself in the presence of everyone he tries to contact.

The Iron Man image projector, in fact, gives him the power of astral projection, which Doctor Strange regularly uses in his adventures. Dr. Strange uses astral projection not only to better sell his mysticism skills to both his peers and enemies, but he also helps guide other heroes in their adventures without being physically with them. Both Iron Man and Doctor Strange have proven themselves from time to time as mentors for the younger generation of heroes — Doctor Strange’s Academy of Oddities and Tony Stark help heroes like Hazmat control their powers — so this common ability allows each of them to have access to those they mentor at any given time and from anywhere in the world.

While Iron Man has almost given up on his image projector, the fact that he has found a way to use technology to achieve what Doctor Strange can only accomplish with magic is insane and really speaks to Iron Man’s true brilliance. Even though it wasn’t for long, Iron Man initially possessed Doctor Strange’s most iconic power, proving that science is just as cool as magic.