‘Iron Man-like’ Jet Costume for Paramedics


An air ambulance service in England has tested jet costumes for paramedics to serve the wounded in the mountainous region.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) conducted a jet suit test for paramedics in Lake District, a mountainous region in North-West England, as a result of its work with Gravity Industries.

Despite having a relatively weak human population, GNAAS operations manager Andy Mawson stated that medical teams call the Lake District several times every month, saying that they thought such a jet costume was needed but they could not predict how it could happen in practice, and that they saw it was a great idea as a result of the test. .

Tested personally by Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, the jet suit allows medical teams to reach their destination in just 90 seconds on foot in 30 minutes. As you can imagine, this incredible time gain gives paramedics a huge advantage on the line between life and death.

Jet suit with a mini motor on both arms and back. While the motor on the back makes it possible for the paramedic to vent, the motors on the arm allow the paramedic to adjust the direction to go.


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