Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers: best skills and tips


Iron Man is one of the few characters that can fly in Marvel’s Avengers. We put the objective in it, its abilities and how to take advantage of it.

Marvel’s Avengers lands on the market with the usual force of the products of the Marvel factory. From MeriStation we were able to analyze it from cover to cover, review in which it obtained a rating of 7 out of 10. As part of our detailed guide, today we take a closer look at the qualities of Iron Man on the battlefield. Tony Stark’s technology allows him to offer a different point of view than the rest of the heroes. It is, broadly speaking, the watchdog of the air.

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Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers: Primary Abilities

We never tire of repeating it: rule out focusing on a specific hero during the Gather Together campaign. In the first story arc of Marvel’s Avengers you will go through the entire initial sextet until it is finished. When you cross the finish line, each of them will be around character level 10. As soon as you kick off the Avengers Initiative, take the one you like the most.

It is also common to recommend that you focus first on unlocking the primary skills. In this way you can have the full range of movements, from which heroic abilities benefit proportionally. Iron Man and Thor are the only characters that can fly. The peculiarity of the first is that its assortment of skills is broader when it takes off.

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Iron Man can fire various explosive items from the palms of his hands. To the basic, the usual laser shot, you can add the Micro-rockets, which together with Scorched Earth can be used to easily clean areas plagued by armored enemies. Unlock as soon as possible the powerful Javelin attack. With it, you can fire a string of sticky rockets that stick to nearby targets and explode shortly after.


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