Iron Man Features May Take a Long Time after the remake of Dead Space


Tony Stark’s Iron Man has always been a popular character, especially after the role of Robert Downey Jr. in the MCU. Unfortunately, the Marvel character has always had trouble getting off the ground in a modern AAA standalone game. Of course, there were two licensed titles “Iron Man”, loosely adapted from the “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2” MCU, as well as “Iron Man VR”, released a couple of years ago. But after the release, which received mixed reviews, there wasn’t another Iron Man experience that could compete with other modern superhero games.

However, if recent rumors are eventually confirmed, it looks like the character has been trying to return to a separate game for a while. Indeed, Avalanche Studios, owned by Mad Max, was reportedly working on an Iron Man game before its cancellation, indicating a desire to make another Iron Man game back in 2012. Now the latest rumor comes from industry insider Jeff Grubb, who claims that the next EA Motive game after the remake of Dead Space will be a game about Iron Man. If this is true, there are many features that Motive could transfer from Dead Space to Iron Man.

According to rumors, the game about Iron Man from Motive will be supported by a remake of Dead Space

If there weren’t already rumors that the developer would lead the “Iron Man”, the quality that one would expect would be unclear. Instead, now that it has become known that EA Motive is rumored to be working on it, high hopes are pinned on the developer. Before working on Dead Space, even Motive may have been a developer whose qualitative result is unclear, and he has only a couple of exits to the “Star Wars” universe to his credit. However, Motive has been surprisingly transparent in its development of the remake of Dead Space, a title that seems to exude quality and polish.

Motive’s Dead Space could have been a simple remaster or remake without the bells and whistles, but instead he decided to completely update the original game with exciting lighting, sound, graphics, mechanics and more. For example, Motive’s Dead Space uses the ALIVE system, a completely new mechanic that represents limbic behavior in Isaac Clarke’s movements, facial expressions and dialogues. Isaac’s breathing will reflect his anxiety, and Isaac’s movements, for example, will reflect his fatigue. If Motive can emulate what it’s like to be Isaac in a sci-fi engineering suit in zero gravity, it will be fantastic to see what a developer can create with Tony in an armored suit for a billion dollars.

Iron Man costumes should make players feel like a one-man army

One of the most distinctive features of Iron Man is his diverse catalog of armored suits. Iron Man and Dead Space are unlikely to have anything in common other than Tony’s suits and Isaac’s rigs, but this is a great foundation on which Motive could be built. These armors are an extension of Tony, and although each of them has an outstanding look or color, they are also equipped with unique weapons and capabilities. Tony is armored and can fly, charge repulsor charges or, for example, shoot from turrets and guided missiles.

When making these functions brief, the sound design should be taken into account. Jet engine and single-beam repulsors differ greatly in sound design, which is an area of expertise in which Motive has a special competence. Motive has previously developed Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Squadrons, both of which feature incredible sound design that immerses players in the Star Wars universe.

Motive’s accessibility features and all the new details it adds to Dead Space would be great to see in an Iron Man game, so hopefully the rumors about its development are true. The Iron Man game has already been canceled, but what Motive has achieved with Dead Space may make it an ideal developer for this task.

There are rumors that a game about Iron Man is in development.


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