Iron Man: Fans Defend Robert Downey Jr. in The Role; Understand!


Iron Man: This Sunday (1), a series of controversial tweets from The Sunday Times put the choice of Robert Downey Jr. to be Iron Man in the MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe) in check. The publications described an interview with Matt Damon, as the actor suggested that his “days as a protagonist may be over”.

To exemplify the issue, the newspaper stated that the role of a film is often determined by the character itself. “The biggest titles of the last decade are from brands and franchises that have sequels. Robert Downey Jr. is a protagonist, but his Iron Man could be played by just about any actor. The character is more important to the audience than the artist”, says the tweet.

In defense of the choice, fans took the opportunity to recognize Downey Jr.’s talent and assert that he was, in fact, the best choice for the character, sparking a debate on social media.

Learn more about Marvel Iron Man

Iron Man, the famous Tony Stark, was one of the most acclaimed characters by Marvel fans, appearing in several Marvel titles such as Iron Man (1, 2 and 3), Civil War and the Avengers franchise. In the last film, Avengers: Ultimatum, the character played an even more important role, sacrificing himself to protect the rest of the world.

So, do you think Iron Man could be played by another actor or was Robert Downey Jr. the better choice? Leave your comment below and share the article on social media!


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