Iron Fist vs. Thor Proves Netflix Ignored Danny Rand’s True Potential


When it comes to the absolute power of the Iron Fist, his exploits in Marvel comics, including the destruction of Tony Stark’s clone of Thor (later renamed “Ragnarok”), show that fans who met the hero in his Netflix series never saw his real one. potential. In the comics, Danny Rand is an epic character who has a chance to resist even such strong enemies as Thor and the Phoenix Force, and this is not at all the feeling that fans have learned from his maligned streaming series.

Iron Fist is a title that can be obtained only after defeating the immortal dragon Shou—Lao and absorbing his power, becoming the world’s greatest owner of Qi energy. Although many have held this title, Danny Rand held this title for decades until he recently handed it over to former Sword Master Lin Li. His ascent to the possession of these superhuman and mystical powers was the natural culmination of Rand’s obsessive and impressive martial arts training, as well as fulfilling the destiny that was destined for him by his father, Wendell Rand. Both Danny’s mother and father died searching for the city, but their son made it to K’un-Lun, where he was met and subjected to careful training and guardianship.

Iron Fist got the chance to test all his training and strength when he battled one of Tony Stark’s secret weapons from his misjudged Civil War mode: a cyborg clone of Thor created from a strand of the original’s hair that Tony had assembled on his head. first day as an Avenger. After killing Goliath during the conflict and being destroyed by Hercules, the clone was repurposed by Norman Osborn to become part of the Dark Avengers, which brought him into direct conflict with the New Avengers in New Avengers #21 (2010) by Brian Michael Bendis. Mike Deodato and Paul Mounts. Although it was a team effort to wear down his enemy, who possesses all of Thor’s strength (but lacks his human restraint or empathy), it was Iron Fist who was relied upon to deliver the knockout blow. And he really did it—with a blow that almost destroyed a divine-level fighter.

To further illustrate the potential of Rand’s power, one of his Iron Fist predecessors, Fongji, even managed to tame and use the Power of the Phoenix. Since this is another extremely powerful entity, and very few Marvel characters can defeat the Phoenix Force, Fonji’s ability to escape her corruption and take her beyond the world shows the strength and discipline of the next level that Rand can tap into. As an Iron Fist, he’s a much more cosmic player than Netflix and even many of his own comics suggest.

In many of his exploits, Rand deals with street crime or plunges into the world of mysticism and martial arts, which makes it easy to think about him exclusively in this context. That’s why it’s so important to see Iron Fist’s knockout blow to Thor’s rampaging clone to overcome any misconceptions about how strong he really is when it matters.


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