Iron Age Millions of Dollar Coins Enter Guinness Records


The coins found in 2012 turned out to be the largest coin treasure of the Iron Age. The total value of the coins, some of which are on display at a museum on the island of Jersey, is estimated at $ 13 million.

A new one has been added to the archaeological findings that stand out with their unique qualities and surprise the researchers. Coins dating back thousands of years broke records with their quantity. The coin stack found in 2012 broke the record almost 40 years ago, with around 70,000 coins it contained.

The coin treasure, discovered in January 2012, took over the Iron Age title, as it was found to be from the Iron Age. This finding is estimated to be worth around $ 13 million.

‘Jersey is an important area for Iron Age findings’
The Iron Age coin stack in Wiltshire in 1978 broke a record at that time with 54,951 coins. A new heap found in 2012, found to be from the Iron Age, deposed the previous record holder with 69,347 coins.

The new discovery was found in Jersey, one of the English Channel Islands. Treasure hunt enthusiasts named Reg Mead and Richard Miles found the money with the help of a metal detector. Some BC Some of the 50-year-old coins are on display at the La Hougue Bie Museum in Jersey.

It took years to be found again:
In fact, this coin treasure was discovered by Reg Mead and Richard Miles in the 80s, but it took time for the treasure to be relocated when the two were reported by someone who saw them. Finally, in 2012, the treasure containing gold and silver coins was found in a clay mound.

Stating that he is proud of the archaeological findings obtained in Jersey, Jersey Heritage Manager Olga Finch used the following statements in his statements: “We are not surprised about this event. However, it makes us happy that such an important finding is found and exhibited in Jersey. The achievements show once again how important our island is for the Iron Age historiography. ”


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